Thursday, 27 September 2012

Green Smoothie with Goat's Yoghurt

Yes, I have a day off work... And I've only left the warm comfort of my bed (despite it already being 3:15 in the afternoon) in order to grab something to eat... Which I thought was worth mentioning...

My absolute favorite way to start the day is with a green smoothie.

And seeing as I recently made a batch of goat's yoghurt (which has a slightly stronger and more earthy taste than regular cow's yoghurt) I've been adding that to my morning smoothie, and it's great!

Here is the breakfast I've been feasting on every morning for the last few days:

Smoothies are great because you can basically use anything you have left in the fridge or fruitbowl.

(within reason obviously)

In terms of greens, I personally love spinach so I always have a big bag of that handy. But any leafy green is fine in a smoothie: Lettuce, chard, beet greens etc. Some are a bit more spicy or tangy than others.

With fruit: Anything goes. I personally tend to veer away from melons in smoothies, I'm not quite sure why... Maybe because they're just so delicious by themselves.

Green Smoothie with Goat's Yoghurt

1 large serving


1 ripe banana

1 large handful of spinach

A few spoons of yoghurt (any kind will do, but goat's yoghurt gives it a little something extra)

A bit of fruit juice, maybe half a glass, depending on how sweet and/or runny you want the smoothie to be (I usually use water, but there happened to be a carton of mango juice in the fridge)

I also added a small spoon of hemp protein

Put all of the ingredients in a blender, and blend on high for 1 or 2 minutes, until the texture is smooth and silky and there are no green lumps left!

Side note: The more liquid (juice/water) you add, the lighter and thinner it will become. If I want a really substantial, filling smoothie, I tend to use less liquid.


  1. Lekkere smoothie!

    Ik heb hier iets gevonden, moringa poeder, komt van de moringa boom die hier veel voorkomt, ook wel tree of life genoemd...klinkt spannend. Dat past er denk ik ook goed bij. yummy Em!

    1. Moringa! Nooit van gehoord.... Ik ben benieuwd! Laat me weten hoe dat smaakt als je het hebt geprobeerd :)